Learn from my mistake...+ a question or two?

I had just gotten out of a realationship with my first bf and when he he told me he I was just a booty call[and he's gay]. I thought i was fine and could move on tell myself that it didn't hurt me. A few weeks later, i met this attractive guy who was literally everything i could imagine but better. We flirted, talked, went out on two awesome dates. But [i was still in contact with my ex at the time] I got scared. I was afriad of the new guy rejecting/ using me like my first did. So I gave up the chase. I admitted I had feelings for him and left him. I also gave up contact with my ex for good. Later, I tried fixing my mistake with the new guy, but the damage was done. He said I was nice but I was making him feel awkward. [and I didn't understand what that meant] So for months we did not talk. when we did. he forgave me and is still nice to me and tells me his feelings sometimes [that takes a lot from a guy] but he hasn't/never called me. I did get a rare text. But I was usually still contacting. Learn from my mistake and Never date someone if you just got out of a realationship. It hurts you more, and the other person your trying to date. Tell them upfront that you cannot date them because you just broke up. I still don't know where the new guy and I am, but I take he isn't intrested anymore. But he did get jelous and 'ruined' my chance of getting someone else right in front of me. What dose that mean if he isn't contacting me? Idk. I still think of/ care about him, but he 'disappeard' one day and i haven't heard from him since. Ladies and guys. Learn from my mistake. If you think there's hope in this story let me know why, and how to go about it. Thank you.

I did tell him I was sorry and explaned what happened. He forgave me. but I do want a second chance with this guy. i don't know how to ask him that, since all we've done is text. I do want to see him face to face, but we are both shy.
but I want to show him how much I've grown and reassure him that it won't happen again. Basically, to trust/love me again.


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  • Tell him that you're sorry of all that you put him through and that you would like another chance to date him.

    • Thank you for the comment. I did tell him I was sorry [that was why he forgave me] but I don't know how to ask him for another chance because I don't know what he is feeling. In the post, I'm contacting him and we chatted until he disappeared. I just don't know why or what he's thinking to give me that chance to not hurt him. i'm willing to but in the effort, but only if he'll take me back.

    • Who cares about how he feels about it. Just ask him for another chance. If he wants to, you'll know. If he doesn't, you'll know. My point is that you have to go for it and stop worrying. If it doesn't work out then just move on.

    • Thank you for MH

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