I want more kissing/cuddling positions.. Tell me your favourites?

Well.. Our favourite are missionary position, both.. But she prefers me on top... My favourite is her on my lap facing me and kissing.. plus Because boobs.. Anyways.. Tell me yours... I would love to hear your opinions on that.. Anything that you find intense.. or something like that..

Thank you all for your help... Looks like i have to try pinning her and kiss her now.. well, up till now i used to be the one on the wall side so that she can hug better but i guess for kissing it has to be the other way around..


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  • up against the wall, him grabbing my hair/butt

    • well.. i like to stroke her hair because it smells soooo~ good to me.. however i am not sure about the butt tho..

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    • well.. never tried that with her.. we are both stuck in the second base.. i am thinking about it but i don't know if she will like it or not..

    • Only one way to find out...

  • Slamming her against a wall! And kissing her intensely

  • Pinned and kissing

  • That rainy spiderman scene. Just hang deom the ceiling

    • i don't know how to do the spider-man kiss effectively.. how do you do it? and nope to ceiling or fans..

    • Use your spiderweb

    • no spiderwebs either.. anyways, i tried lying my head in her lap but it doesn't really work out.. i get boobs on my face that way.. which is nice.. and thats get going for me..

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  • Just normal cowgirl but her leaning over and kissing me

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