Is an age difference of eight years too much?

Of course the girl is the younger one and he is eight years older. Assuming they are both single...

assuming they are both over 18


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  • What are the ages?

    • 19 and 27

    • Okay, just wanted to make sure it was above the legal age haha. Typically, I would say no, as long as you are able to relate to one another age doesn't really matter. That being said, there could be a huge difference in life style between a 19 and 27 year old. Potentially one of you still being in school vs working, or living with family vs living alone, or being financially dependent vs financially independent. As you get older, the age difference will matter less and less, the biggest issue right now, would be if he were ready to start settling down, getting married, having kids etc, and you not being anywhere ready for that kind of responsibility. My advice would be to just talk it all through, what you want your life to look like for the next 5 years, then next 10 years, so on. I wouldn't say at all that a relationship with an age gap is doomed from the start, but it just means communication will be more important than normal. I'm sure things will work out though :) good luck!

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  • If they're at the same maturity level, then age makes no difference.

    It can be difficult to find someone with an 8 year age gap who's at the same point in their lives though. Especially if one (or both) the guy/girl is very young.

  • Not until one of them is over 30.

    • what? so all of a sudden, at age 30, its gross?

    • No, the other way around. At 30 years old I believe a relationship gap of 8 years (with a 22 year old) becomes viable. Before that you have just plain taboo (18 and 10) to significant social gap (29 and 21).

      But I believe that at 30 and 22 both of the people will have been in enough relationships to know how to deal with the age gap, as well as get around the strains that growing up in (practically) different generations can cause.

  • my wife is 2.5-13 years older then me its no big deal age is just a number it's how you feel about someone elae is more important than age


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  • As long as they're both 18 or older. Don't break the law.