Girl says I don't have game. Is she right?

I was on Tinder and I'm really bad at trying to pick up girls. She liked my pic so I messaged her this.

"I wanna be honest. I'm sure you have a bunch of guys talking to you, trying to get your attention. But can you please tell me. What can I do that will get a beautiful girl like you to notice some average joe like me?"

She only started talking 1 worded responses. I basically told her I knew it was going nowhere. I asked her what I needed to work on and she said "Your game". Is she right? My father always told me I had none and now that an actual female told me, I feel so low. I just wanna find a girl to be with. I've never experienced just holding a woman in my arms. What can I do?


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  • Don't mine yourself down, first, and second, don't *ever* ask the person you're trying to flirt with how to flirt with them; it ruins the entire game, since you're basically asking them "Hey, how do I win?"
    The whole point is to play. You think she's pretty? If she liked your pic, she may think you're hot. So why do you tell her you're an average guy? There is no average, and you need to know what defines you; how do you spend your free time, what do you love doing, what you'd like to see in a prospective partner, etc.
    Basically, show the ladies you have a life, and a personality, besides the part that's currently crushing over them.

    Short answer : be someone you'd fall in love with :p


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  • honestly... ya that game is sad... It looks as though you are not confident and are on there just to have her pick up the relationship and run with it because u are playing to safe.
    start off simple... hey my name is... I love... I like... I would love to get to know you better...
    my name is... whats yours...
    oh yeah... thats a beautiful name...
    what do you like to do for fun?

    a woman wants to feel like she has a man that is showing her real interest. not someone she has to play games with...
    then eventually get into the real stuff..
    not to be to forward but I just can't help myself... you are so beautiful.
    your mind blows me away... just the way you carry conversation is so sexy to me.

    a woman wants to know her mind is sexy before her body.

  • its because you put yourself down right off the bat. it makes a guy seem a bit whiny and unconfident. when a guy starts out like that girls assume they're not going to be interesting to talk to.


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  • She's right. You're putting the "P" on a pedestal. As much as girls b*tch and moan about jerks, jerks get girls because jerks display something that all women are looking for in men... confidence. Now you don't have to be a jerk but you MUST display confidence in your manhood. She's a female so she's the prey... you're the lion on the hunt.

    When she said you need to work on your game, she means "to flirt: the game of communicating manly sexual confidence". This isn't a mental exercise of memorizing a series of lines. It's primal; instinctual; found in your testicles.

    You have to start leading with your rod dude. For instance, NEVER EVER say what you said to another girl because this is what you said to her...

    Bunch of guys... = you're the most desirable (so you should be picky)
    Can you please tell me... = I'm not able to get you; I'm no hunter.
    Average Joe... = I'm nothing special

    Instead, lead with your wang...

    "Your pic makes me wanna bite u on the neck, cutie."

    I just communicated that she's desirable (without making her some goddess), that I'm hunting her, and that I'm different/special (because I'm possibly creative/funny)... and it's not a prepared line; this was my penis talking. It's literally what I'd try to do to a cute girl if I could get away with it... just walk right up to her pretend to nibble. Now that's manly sexual confidence!

    Even to tell her this over Tinder is a bit bold and may spark her interest because I'm a complete stranger and she may find the thought of me doing that to her sexy. And if she likes it she's going to be eager for what else you say next. Take every opportunity to reinforce that you want her, that you're GOING to get her and that you're special.

    Finally, realize that there are TONS of cuties around the next corner so even if you don't spark her interest move on to the next girl continuing to hunt, always letting your lion leading.