A 14 year old NEEDS HELP?

Alright this is the the deal I am Fourteen years old i have been having A crush kinda thing for a guy since like 2007 or so its a family friend kinda thing but i only got to see him a few months in a year because he lives a few hours away from me (he is two years older than me) we use to be close but kinda grew apart after a year of not seeing each other... we are both so shy now but we do talk not like we use to. ANYWAY here is my problem he acts like he likes me when he is down here where i live visiting with his dad or whom ever for the week but when he goes back home we dont talk? keep in mind he is a shy person and does stick to school doesn't do anything like drinking and stuff. We dont text nothing... like if he likes me he would contact me? wouldn't he? I know he has a small thing for me for sure but idk..! His profile picture on Facebook is with a another girl but that girl in his picture has a boyfriend? what does that mean? does he or did he have a thing for her? My friend thinks he is worried about school he is 16 so. We use to flirt ALL the time but now we are shy? Please help me what do you think? AND WHAT SHOULD I DO? (I wish i could type more about the past!)


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  • 1. The profile pic on FB
    1a. The girl could well be e friend where he thought that pic looks cool so it's his profile pic
    1b. He's a shy guy and most shy guys get mistaken for being gay cause they don't talk much to girls. This pic could well be there so people don't brand him gay
    1c. Also a lot of shy guys are generally sensitive, he may have thought that cutting out her pic and putting it up on FB may be rude
    2. As of you, young lady; I think the best thing will be a direct approach. There are times we need to take a call, to decide if to remain shy & lose out or open up & acquire :) - we all have a choice. This comes from a guy who was so shy that a girl in his presence would literally make his knees knock lol. I made my choice, you make yours :)

    • thanks so much this helped a lot

    • The pleasure is always mine young lady, I'm glad I could be of help :) I thank you for your kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) I wholly appreciate your generous gesture :)

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  • Since you were 7? Good G0d!

  • You must eait until you are 18 honey :)
    It is too early for you to experience this hell. So my sweetu tweetu baby.. please don't take guys of your age seriously. Just have fun :)


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  • I had to stop reading when you said you have had a crush on this guy since 2007... so you are now 14 so you have had a crush on him since you were 7 ? :DDDD

    • pretty much.. when we were little we called each other gf and bf but we were little and i still liked him since then like i dont really title it a crush but thats the only way i can say it when i typed my question

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