Do White guys get a bad rep? Also why does it seem few women will openly state they prefer White men, are they afraid of being called racist?

I think they do, by many non Whites, feminist White women and the media. People will say "the medias run by Whites", well not really, its mostly run by Jews who consider themselves separate from Whites even if they look it.

People seem to only consider the bad Whites have done and not the good.(every race has done good and bad)

Im asking this in dating because im wondering how many women believe these stereotypes (White men are boring, White men don't have rhythm, they are evil, they are racist, ect) and if it influences them.

Would like some more answers, I think its a valid question.


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  • -Do white guys get a bad rep?
    I think there are incorrect assumptions all across the board not just against white guys.

    -Why does it seem few women will openly state they prefer white men, are they afraid of being called racist?
    That could be a reason, yes. However, statistics show that people would rather date within their race. The majority of the population in the USA is white and then you have the few who do date outside their race, so obviously most women I would think prefer white guys.

    I believe most Jews today are white. Race can be a genetic physical distinction so it's accurate to say. I mean if you want to get real technical non of us are one particular race. We have ancestry of multiple races.

    I consider the good and bad of everything. That's just my ambiguity and I guess that's just me. I can't speak for others, but in some degree you're right. However, again the same could be said for all races.

    • Who believes white men are boring? I'm a straight guy but white guys are not boring. I wouldn't expect someone who isn't used to some culture to be able to correctly duplicate such culture. Rhythm is all opinion. Nobody is truly evil. There are forces (in my belief) outside this world that influence us, but we ourselves are not evil. There are racists of all races (LOL!! kind of a tongue twister).

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  • Yeah, it is a *little* racist to say you prefer one race to date over another. Hey, I won't judge someone for saying that, maybe they really biologically are aroused more by a skin color.

    And yes, the media has played a big part in starting and perpetuating stereotypes. Prove them wrong, most girls like guys that go against what is expected.


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  • Do white guys get a bad rep? All males in modern culture are given a bad rep, one why or another.
    Why does it seem few women will openly state they prefer white men, are they afraid of being called racist? I know plenty of women that openly say they prefer white guys, however there is a fear they will be called racist, as the accusation gets thrown out, any time someone mentions they have a racial preference for any race.

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