I am over thinking things? I don't think I am making her happy enough.

We been dating for 2 years
Long distance-relationship (France-US) haha yeah what the heck but ah it happens
Going to see her this October (she wants me to come badly)
We Skype all the time
She seems like she enjoys the Skype and sleeping on Skype etc..
But I just feel like I'm not making her happy enough
I'm afraid of disappointing her or hurting her by me coming..
I want to see her badly and spend time with her..
What do I need to do?
Am I worrying over nothing?


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  • You are overthinking it and making yourself anxious. She's excited to see you. She likes you. Relax


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  • I think you're overacting. If she's unhappy, she would've broke up with you ages ago or doesn't Skype you often as she would've had.
    Give her something nice like flowers when you come to see her. Look dashing maybe.


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