I feel like I'm annoying him. Am I?

It's holidays and my boyfriend and I haven't seen much of each other and we've been messaging every night for about a week.
I feel like I might be acting clingy or annoying him, am I harassing him by messaging him every night?
If I was annoying him, he'd never tell me.


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  • Messaging him every night is not harassing or being clingy i see things this way
    if i love a girl i make point to message her back ASAP i don't care i am
    cool about things i know this sounds crazy but It makes me feel good when
    a girl messages me or calls me it feels good to know she is doing it cause
    she cares about me


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  • Depends on how long you have been dating each other,
    But I'd suggest just skipping a night, and seeing if he bothers to start the conversation, if he does, that means he doesn't find it annoying, and truly does like you.

    • We've been dating for roughly 5 months

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  • messaging him only every night? not its not too much

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