Ladies and gents, what are some unorthodox places to meet potential partners? Or partners you actually dated?

I recently graduated college and now work full time. In my free time I go to the gym and usually dont party or go to bars/clubs. Where can I meet good, single women my age? I would like to jear some stories about a time when you met someone in an unorthodox way and ended up dating them. Where was it? How did it happen? what was said?

Ill bet you there would be more people commenting on this question if I didn't use the word "unorthodox." I guess that word is too big for most people. This is actually a thread with potential for a lot of cool stories. Oh well!


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  • - library/bookstore
    - public transportation
    - your waitress / cashier / etc.
    - open lectures on or off campus
    - on the street (you walk past, then ask for something minor across your shoulder, using that to initiate conversation)

    My story: Got on a train that was mostly empty. Next stop, a woman got on and sat next to me despite there being empty doubles elsewhere. Worked up the courage to write a text message on my phone thanking her for a pleasant ride and asking her to write her number in. Handed her the phone. Got off the train, saved the number. Nothing was said.

    Dated for a bit, but ultimately weren't compatible.

    You can also look for people at work in other departments. Or customers. Obviously you have to exercise good judgement here, there's no shortage of people who will warn you away from customers and coworkers under any circumstances. Where do you work? Where do you live (city or suburb)? Do you have roommates? Describe your social circle, previous dating experience, location, etc.

    • Well, I work in an office and most people I work woth are much older than me. I go to the gym, but thats not a good place to meet women either cuz rhey have this defesive guard up for some reason. I think the gym would be a great place, but a lot of women dont like it?

      Majority of my dating experience happened in college meeting girls within the same building or meeting girls online. Now that I work full time and live with my parents, I am not meeting as many young hot women anymore and my dating life is greatly changed.

      So far I've tried the gym, and talked to. a. few girls at the grocery store but its not the same as living in a big city in college with roommates vs suburbs with parents

    • Yeah, each place has its own peculiarities. The suburbs are definitely a battle when trying to rustle up some tail. Keep chatting up women at the store and the gym, but since you work in an office you can definitely look for opportunities using that setting as leverage. You see, office people tend to congregate in certain places for lunch - follow your office people to the local lunch hangouts and see if you can find women from other offices. Also, use them to find the bars that corporate people frequent in your area. And definitely go to any and all public gatherings that are sponsored by your suburb in the area - fireworks shows, parades, potlucks, etc. You'll have to sift through a lot of recently-married couples, families, and women who are guarded by their fathers, but you're bound to strike gold. Just get out there - summer gives you an opportunity that winter will not. Oh, and I almost forgot - meetup dot com. Duh. Go do some hobbies and meet sweet chix.

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  • Okay this is kind of weird, but I met this guy in a public bathroom. It was a unisex stall, and he was about to come out, and I was about to go in. We actually hit it off pretty well, and we dated casually for a few weeks. We sort of drifted apart, I guess. But he was great.

    • How did you guys strike up conversation? How did all that happen?

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    • Nah, I am being realistic. I see how women look at guys like my friends. They just dont look at me that way. I don't know why, but women even avoid making eye contact with me. Or if we cross paths in public they always turn and go the other way. I dont get it cuz im not creepy I respect everyones space and privacy. Maybe I am ugly, but I dont think I am. Idk...

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  • I go to a lot of underground shows and that's where I met my current girlfriend.

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