What are some ways to meet potential boyfriends in person in your 40's?

I think I need a break from online dating. Seems every guy wants sex on there and guys that don't I didn't really click with. I'm 43. Met this guy online a few months ago. He's 40, figured he was mature and over the party scene. Nope! He's as bad as a 25 year old. Need men who act like men not boys! Dating nowadays sucks. Most men want NSA not a relationship especially in a metro area.


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  • Being a single guy over 40 and thinking what do me or other friends the same age do and where would you meet one of us (hypothetically). Strangely enough it is true when they say either a grocery store, recreational pursuit, traveling. We exist everywhere but seemingly not in one easy to find place (especially at this age). who knows, you may have sat next to a bunch on the bus and never knew it. Also the guys you might be looking for probably are not on a dating site anyway, seems most of them on dating sites are looking for some easy way of finding sex or they are not the most stimulating conversationalist and go on the dating sites because they know their limitations.

    Wish I could help you more. Good luck :)

    • Thanks! Well I guess it happens when you aren't even looking.

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    • Awww, are you saying that golf is for old and quasi dead people :oP haha...

    • Not at all!

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  • On line dating is not exclusively about hooking up. I have met plenty of people who aren't jumping into bed with everything the meet. But there are a lot of people who are doing just that. Not that going to the bar and meeting someone makes it any better.

    Depending on what site you are is the quality of people you meet. Not that that is 100% either. I've met some crazies in my day and I just gave up.

    There are a lot of 40 something year old men who are trying to act like kids because they think it makes them more marketable. Going out drinking, and partying. Etc. stupid.

    POF is a terrible site. The GUI is crappy, and the quality of people on there? Not so much. OKC is ok, but that one is fifty fifty. While pay sites isn't really any better. If you dont want to date online, try speed dating or some gathering of people who share your hobbies.

    • I think 40 is a horrible age for dating. The men think if they look old then women won't find them desire able. While I'm not a homebody, I don't want a 40 year old man ego parties and surrounded by young girls or cougars makes him look stupid IMO. This guy told me I'm 40, but I still go out a lot. I think there's half truth to that anyways, bc a lot of times I would text him and he said he's relaxing.

    • he could be hanging out at home with a drink, or relaxing at a bar.

      I think dating in general is a terrible thing. But I might be biased due to my past experiences. Still seeing a 40 year old guy or girl acting like a teen is not endearing, its kind of sad really. Dont get me wrong I enjoy having a good time, but there is a point where its too much. Though there is also a lot of false advertising, not just in online dating, but in regular dating. I've had women tell me they are stable and have good jobs, turns out not so much. Stable thats a suggestion, and good job? Being over 30 and making less than 10 bucks an hour is not what I consider a stable or good job.
      Just putting yourself out there is good, just be careful. I wish I had a magic bullet for you on this, but Im still looking myself.

    • Less than 10? Holy cow I wouldn't ever make rent on that wage.

  • Online dating is almost exclusively about hooking up. Dating isn't easy at any age.

    • I guess so. The worst sure ever is tinder. That site is horrible, then plenty of fish isn't any better. Ugh

    • Those are hook up sites. If you really want something legit on line, try one that you pay for with actual attempts of compatibility.
      I think you would be better off putting yourself out there in the real world. Find some activities or hobbies that will have like minded people and see what you can find.
      Some men no matter what their age don't mature and grow up.

  • Maturity doesn't come from age, neither does wisdom or intelligence. My father is 57 and all he does is watching television or playing video games.

    This may sound harsh, but what did you do in your 20s, fuck around? Sorry I am frustrated too, I would love to marry, but all girls in my age have no interest in becoming a wife and mother.

    Biologically speaking the best years of a woman are between 16 and 25, that is when she should seek a man and get married.

    In your age, I suggest being either less picky and/or turning to God for help.
    Read this: thewarningsecondcoming. com

    • lol you need to learn how to package harsh truths better

      just b/c its the truth (which it is here) doesn't mean people will be receptive towards it

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  • Get a membership to a recreation center nearby to start! Go to the fitness classes they offer, swim, sign up for events, ect. I work at a rec center and we have so many middle aged guys that come in to swim and stuff! Look in the paper for events that you can go to that are of interest to you- guys of all ages go to those and it's so nice to meet people in person and not at a bar or something! Just get out there and you'll start meeting more people of your age- and don't be afraid to talk to them and introduce yourself! :) Good luck!

  • I don't have any limits in my dating range for the most having part. I hope its not that hard when I decide to date

  • Through friends, I hear. Someone's always getting divorced.