OMG... Halitosis? What to do? lol

So this chick I'm considering has kinda bad breath. Not super bad but you know, noticeable upon kissing. And it sucked because I took her out last night and usually people shower and brush before a date (this is only the third date) so this tells me that she didn't... if you want to comment on that too then go ahead, it would be insightful.

So, Questions are:

1) How do I sensitively broach the subject with her?
2) Does this show lack of consideration for not brushing before the date?


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  • My best friends breath STILL stinks after she brushes her teeth. Somehow. Maybe that's her case?

    • I'm positive it's because she must not be flossing or something.

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    • Any suggestions on how to break it to her?

    • Hmm. Just be like "what did you eat today" and laugh about it. If she's not disgusting she'll probably be a bit self conscious about it which will make her notice her lack of oral hygiene. Hopefully.

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