What to do? Should I tell him?

So i confess to this guy 5 years ago i was in senior high school and he's a freshman college. He didn't respond to it, he just stood there and stared at me, i was confuse but did not push him any more. After that we still remained friends although i still like him. he transferred to a different place and never heard from him again then 2 years ago he added me on FB i accepted of course but we did not message each other although i really want too. Then a year ago he suddenly message me on FB we started talking again but not everyday since both of us are working now. But recently he asked for my viber number of course i gave it to him and we started chatting almost everyday and for 1-4 hours or until one of us falls asleep. He called me like 5 times already and our calls lasted for 1-3 hours. I still like him but im not sure of his feelings. should i confess to him again? Or should i passively remind him of my old confession?


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  • You should remind him of your old confession and tell him that you still love him till now.
    Girl this is call, TRUE LOVE.
    Go on.

    • Should i say hey remember when i said i like you when i was in high school?

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    • I hope so fingers crossed

    • Fingers crossed, be positive :)

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