I'm his wallpaper on his phone?

okay so I've been seeing this guy for around a month or so. I'm 19, and he's 28. we haven't admitted we liked eachother yet, but it's so obvious. we hang out like everynight after work (his family owns the business we work at). he's taken me to the movies, we've hung out with his friends, and I've even hung out with him and his cousin. last night I was texting back his friend on his phone, and I noticed that a picture of us is his homescren on his phone! does that mean he considers us "together"? I don't get why he hasn't asked me out yet or anything when it's obvious he likes me!


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  • He's probably making up his mind considering the age gap between the two of you in addition to his family being the employers of your family making it no less complicated :)

    He'll ask one of these days for sure though :)

    I wish you both good luck :)

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind & thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) I wholly appreciate your generous gesture :)

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  • Sometimes you don't need to 'ask someone out' for it to be considered you being together. If you're seeing each other most nights, then it's safe to say that yes, he pretty much considers you together.
    If you need a little confirmation, ask him. I'm guessing (probably because he's older and it's been longer since his high-school days) that he's just not realised anything really needed to be clarified.