If you've just come out of a serious relationship and have those weird mixed emotions, should you mention it to your new girlfriend or girl you like?

I feel I am acting strange. For example, I have met one or two girls I liked enough to get their phone numbers. But after I kind of just stop thinking about them, maybe dwelling on my ex. (It was a bad break up - one of those relationships everyone told me to move on. Girls like me a lot, but I can be too nice - and, in this case too honest maybe?)

Then when I do see these new girls again, who I know I like and am attracted to, I have a big urge to say something like 'I am so sorry for not calling for a whole week, 2 weeks etc., it's not because I don't like you, but I am just completely messed up and don't want to use you.' (The dumb thing is that not calling for a while makes them like me more!) Or should I just smile and nod my head to whatever? In the past, I have had the tendency to come over as a schitzoid... want to avoid this...

  • Be honest and say how you feel
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  • She doesn't need to hear your baggage, she needs to feel special
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  • See as many girls as possible to get over your ex
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  • Don't see any girls at all until you get over your ex
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  • No , just don't. If you feel like you still have feelings for your ex then tell your gf


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  • Getting out of a long-term relationship is one of the hardest things ever. Moving on will not be easy, but you deserve to be happy with someone. If you think one of these girls might be that person then open up. Not like on the first date or anything. Wait until you're comfortable with her, and vice versa.


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