Guys: Was do you think of my first date and what he asked?

So I was on my first date a couple of days ago with a guy, that i've texted with for 2 months.

He invited me to dinner, and we sat there for 2 hours just talking and then we went for a walk. Now I have this bad habit that I "appear" or "seem" nervous/shy but I don't get a bit nervous (not even to my exams).

It was all good, there was chemistry (at least i believe that) and he laughed at my jokes etc. He even remembered to bring me something that I asked him for a couple of weeks before (school stuff). He texted me half an hour after we went home saying he had fun bla bla. And then he asked "i hope you liked the food. Did you feel comfortable"? At that moment I wanted to burry myself.

What is your take of this situation?


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  • Hmm... I don't know what the "situation" is. It sounds to me like he likes you and that you are maybe over-analyzing the wording... it's just a text. It does seem like an odd question but if he texted you saying he had fun, he probably did have fun. He maybe just didn't know what to write and wrote the first thing that came into his head. Just don't worry about it, and see if he's interested in another date he'll ask you, and you can go on a second date and see how it goes. You'll get a much better idea of the situation from a second date, than from trying to analyze a few words in a text.

    • If he wasn't interested in me after this date, do you think he will stop texting me gradually?

    • Probably, but I don't know, I think each guy is a bit different in terms of how much they will text. If he is shy or afraid of rejection (or if he got the impression somehow that you don't want him to ask again) he might need you to drop a hint or two that you would like to go on another date (but just drop the 'hint' and then let him ask you.. guys generally like to still feel like they're doing the 'chasing'). If he is confident and interested then he will probably ask of his own accord. If he isn't interested then yes he will probably stop texting gradually. If he is really interested, you shouldn't need to pursue it heavily, you'll know, he'll make the effort. If he makes no effort then he almost certainly isn't interested. From your description of the date above, it sounds like the date went well.

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