How do you date someone, what tactics do you use?

Guys and girls!
What kind of tactics do you "use" after the first date?
Who contacts who, is it okay for a girl to say "hey had a great time today, maybe we can hang out again sometime" ? and wait for the guy to take initiative to ask her out again?


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  • After the 1st date, the girl should give the guy 3 days (max) to ask her out with at least a tentative date. If he doesn't ever hit you up, wait 3 days then ask him what he's doing on X day, etc.

    It's OK for a girl to follow-through with things... it's just that the guy, by default, is the one to get the ball rolling first.

    It's a game of checkers, not chess. In fact, it shouldn't be a game at all if you both mutually enjoyed a decent 1st date. You just shouldn't repeatedly contact them when they don't respond -- that's all.

    • was it wrong of me to say i enjoyed the date and asked if he wanted to hang again?

    • Nope, nothing wrong with that at all -- in fact *you should* say that. Every girl should if she sees interest had by him. Nothing wrong with it if she sees a possible lack of interest -- it will at least answer your question about his, right?

      When a guy LIKES you -- he's going to LIKE you saying that. It doesn't even take a crush for him to like you saying that. Again, if it's any game, it's a simple game of checkers -- not chess. It's extremely uncomplicated.

      It's just emotionally complicated with the threat of rejection. But just face that down, and you'll be getting finger-banged in no time by a good guy! ;)

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  • i am straight up about everything and i don´t use stupid waiting tactics. if i liked it, i tell her i want to see her again but i also expect, that she shows some initiative too because in my opinion it´s not my job to do all the work, while the other person just sits there and waits for me to do everything.

    • true but do you think what i did is ok?

    • you mean if you tell them, you had a great time and want to hang out somtime?

  • I use the guilt tactic. If they know they're doing something bad, and I don't say anything about it, they'll feel guilty. If they want to break up with me, that's their prerogative. People have choices in life... it's up to them how they make them


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