Should I just enjoy the ride or quit?

So there's this guy I'm into. We're polar opposites. I'm into hardcore, he's a nerd. No. Not the hipster type. A LEGIT nerd. I'm a bit taller and heavier than him, and he's very fit. We do however have similar goals. But those differences are all so petty now that I think of it.
I'm so into him. He's an amazing person all around. I cannot exactly pin point why I like him and what makes him so special, but I think when that's the case, that's when it's real.
I reeeeally like him. It's crazy I find myself in this situation. I'm pretty sure he knows I'm into him. And to be honest, if he doesn't, he's an idiot. I'm one of the only girls he talks to and goes out of his way to hang out with. We've had quite a few heart to hearts and conversations that make me appreciate life so much more. He's just great. However, I'm not too sure if he's into me. I don't want to ask. I'm very scared. I'd hate for someone to walk out of my life before they even fully stepped in.
Maybe he's taking it slow? Or maybe he's just not into me? We've known each other for almost 6 months now.
I just want to know should I just enjoy the ride no matter how slow it takes us or just snap out of this wishful thinking?
He's very special to me. Extremely. But if feelings aren't mutual then I might as well waste my time of something else.

I don't know what exactly my question is. But if there's an input it or advice or relatable experiences you can share that would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Me and my girl are polar opposite. She's white I'm black. She's a language major I'm a biology major. She likes Tool and The Eagles I like Kanye and Miles Davis. She has 7 tattoos I have none. She goes clubbing with her friends while I talk philosophy in the library with mine. She's from a very small family only sees her mom and brothers regularly and I'm from a huge family where every major holiday is 50+ guaranteed and some minor holidays and some random Saturdays just cause. But if you saw us together you'd never question a thing. Embrace you're difference it's what helps you maintain your individuality in a relationship and makes everything so much more enjoyable. And try to be a part of what he loves and he'll do the same for you and you'll both love how full your life feels. Ride it out and make it extremely obvious you're into him.


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  • He isn't that into you for a Serious Relationship -- NO. So if you can't help but to be madly in love with him, GTFO.

    If you come to terms with it and fully & HAPPILY accept just casual dating for a while, and being friends-but-more-than-friends when you both are single, as life goes on -- then enjoy THAT ride.

    But as long as you have dreams of being with him, enhanced by him being not That into you -- step away for a while. Or at least confess and go over it with him, and be ready to walk away until you shed those feelings down to just mere attraction (then become friends again but hold off on fooling around; find a new guy).

  • He might be a bit shy or afraid of rejection, I used to be like that and am also a nerd. Try find a good moment to try steer things in romantic direction, e. g. hold him close and try kiss him & see if he kisses back.

    Personally I think there's no sense trying 'enjoy the ride' i. e. settle for friendship if you want more, i think either see if he's interested in more, and if not, move on. Life's too short for people who aren't interested in us in the way we want them to be.


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