I am bad at interacting with girls I find attractive. What do I do?

. Basically, in PUA language, I have no game. I don't know how to get girls interested in me and to date me. I'd say that much more than my deficiencies in the looks and status departments, the reason I didn't attract any giels last semester is because of how I was not myself at all, lost all confidence whenever in front of said girl, playing things way too safe, and overall getting very awkward in front of her. I wouldn't know what to say or ask and I couldn't just get a conversation to flow naturally without having to think of what to say. Talking to my crushes felt like mortal combat. I also didn't know how to escalate, though I think this is because the girls were not interested in me and therefore impeded my attempts to escalate, but I still definitely could use some tips on this as well.

My reasons for telling you guys this is so you people can give me some advice on how to remedy these issues. See part of my lack of confidence comes from me being bad at these things in addition to all that superficial stuff I am insecure about. In fact I'd say that my lack of confidence in my abilities to attract girls is stronger than my lack of confidence over my looks and status, and is something I want to attack because at least this is something I have co troll over. I think that if I can resolve these grave issues I have when interacting with attractive girls and as a result actually start getting a date or two, my lack of confidence over my looks and status May even start to subside on its own.


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  • Physical stats?

    Read the links at the bottom of my bio.


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  • Imagine them with fish-heads
    and if that doesn't work, give them top hats :3

  • Just remember that they poop too.

    • Doesn't help.

    • Their human, they only have power over you because you allow them to. No one deserves to be on a pedestal.