How to end a date with out looking like a fool.. HELP I'm terrible at goodbyes!!!?

Girls, what is the best way to end a date? I went on a blind date on Saturday. She is a pretty brunette with baby blue eyes and a quick, brilliant smile Over all it went well. Horseback riding and lunch & drinks. Great conversation. As we said goodbye she said "thanks I had a really good time" started with a handshake she was going for a hug and we awkwardly did something in between the two. i remembered a friend telling me it is romantic to peck a girl on the cheek, as you say goodbye.. i tried.. but ended up somehow kissing her ear? I think LOL I texted her but didn't hear back. Did I ruin the date?


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  • Lol!!! Not at all. At least in my opinion you didn't. I had a similar situation happen to me! I ended up dating the guy for two years. Honestly, don't sweat it! If the date went well, it went well. I'm pretty sure a missed peck isn't enough to ruin what sounded like a lovely date. At least you have a story to tell now. Hahaha


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