I like her but don't know what to do?

She is my friend and is always teasing me and showing me up in front others. The problem is that she is naturally very friendly and flirty so it's hard to see if her body language suggests anything. Just recently we were joking around and she joked I'd make an awful husband, we both laughed about this.

How can I make it work?


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  • I'm the same way; I have a tendency to flirt with everyone.

    For the most part I online tease people that I like. Not in a romantic way, just anyone who I feel like I like them as a person. You know?
    But the teasing also is a little more intense when I like someone. So if she's always making it pointed out to you, maybe she does like you.

    Of course, the only 100% answer is asking her directly.

  • You can start by telling her how you really feel


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