Im in love with someone over the internet... wut do I do?

So me and my bf are in love I has his number and he has mine, we live in the same state not far apart... only problem is I don't know if he is who he says he is. He sent me a pic of himself before anything... wut do I do? I love him and I know he feels the same for me... I could use some good help! Oh and PLEASE dont say, "its not safe" or "You should not date over the internet" Oh and keep in mind my parents do NOT know about me texting him...


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  • First of all: Be careful with the expression "love"... That is something you feel after taking care of somebody for a long time, not something you feel for somebody you know a few weeks. You feel a certain connection now - and since it's over the internet, it's probably not only sexual attraction. Therefore something could grow from it, but be careful with that.

    Use some video chat, but don't let him talk you into getting nude! He could be recording on his side and upload it somewhere. Even if it would be illegal and even if he'd go to jail, it would still ruin your life as you could never get the video removed again - it will always remain somewhere, besides that thousands will have seen it already until you know about it.

    When you meet him the first time, get him somewhere close to you, don't go to his place or even just the town. Let him come over to a café near your home and ask a friend to be there too, she, or better: he, can just sit in the café close to you, you don't have to let him know that this is a friend of yours - and if it gets serious, he will understand that you needed a friend around at the time.

    Just be careful, it's a mad world...

    • i have known him for a while not a few weeks

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    • It's from experience... And partially the experiences of my wife :D
      As I said, don't let him push you into anything sexual. If he really likes you, he can wait - for years if need be.

    • thank you so much!

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  • You want play things safe if he has GPS on his phone
    while he is texting you he can travel right to where you live
    yes very true. He can be very well skilled at knowing
    your location this not a lie but very much true so you really
    need to be careful. I been "Catfished" by many people on
    the Internet yes i do background checks and yes i have
    reported people from the state i live in to police also
    you really need to Skype with this guy and I tell you
    the guy can use his son on Skype and make you believe
    it's really him when it's the him all he got do is pay his
    son off you could be talking to a 45-60 year old male
    the Internet is very dangerous place to meet people


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  • Try Skyping him with video... I don't see how he could fake what he looks like and such in a video.

    • I also want to make it clear that I do not agree with the online dating at our age but it is your choice and would rather you do everything in your power to be safe if this is what you want to do.

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    • alrighty then. Remember telling the world your age can be dangerous. I don't tell anyone on the internet that I don't know in real life anything that could put me in harm. But anyway I don't need to lecture you. I want to be your friend here not your mother :p So ya... unless he is 14-16 years old I would say definitely don't continue with this relationship in any way other than friendship. I'm pretty sure that if he is 13 and anything became sexual you could be charged and we don't want that. Not only that but his maturity is most likely going to be very pitiful compared to yours as males hit puberty later on than us.

  • One thing and One thing only.
    Its is not REAL! It is all in your head.. your not in love.. your in love of the idea.. so only one thing to do is to GET OVER IT!
    Find a real boyfriend.. someone you meet and know and can cuddle with.. and not see on a screen or in your phone.. its sad

    • Im not trying to be mean if thats what you think. I think you are beautiful and deserve the best, and something far more real than a boy behind a screen.. who might or might not be lying to you. Its a cruel world.

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    • Online dating can work, but at your age it would be pretty risky, especially if you haven't done any video calls to verify that it's not some old guy. I would hold off, to be honest.