Guys - what do you consider too much texting?

I mean, from a girl once a day or what? Casual relationship here and not texting back for over a week, is that acceptable?


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  • when she texts me every 5 minutes for the duration of the day. when it gets to the point that I cannot get anything done because I have to pick up my phone every other minute. I don't mind texting back and forth while I'm not doing anything, but I've met a couple girls that literally do not stop texting me, but are too lazy to actually call me. and on top of that they get frustrated if I don't text back right away. always get some crap like " oh I guess your mad at me I'll leave you alone if that's how you feel". or something on the lines of that. it just annoys me when they get defensive and try to make me feel like I've done something wrong. but if I'm bored and not doing anything then I don't mind texting for a couple hours.


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  • It depends on their eagerness to chat with each other

    I would like to chat with them for 3-4 hours a day mostly if got



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