Girl at the gym? what does her behaviors mean?

First day at the gym the coach put me next to her since it was my first day i looked at her sometimes to learn the moves but she seemed annoyed , so i stopped looking , when we went to take the dumbbells she smiled to other guy and gave it to him but she ignored me. Next day the guy didn't come and we were running backward i almost hit a girl she stopped that girl from hitting me and smiled saying to the girl be carful , the girl said to me laughing stay away from me or i will hit u , i smiled and continued the training. Next day she came next to me in the class i think its only the class wasn't empty she ignored both of us , and she kept going out to drink water and when i was leaving she was on her phone i looked at her she felt in looking but she kept looking at her phone , The next day i was in the other room working on the machines she came and sat with ger friend she didn't do anything but i felt her looking at me in the class i almost hit her with the big ball , i thought she would get angry i went to her saying sorry , she smiled without looking saying its okay. By the end of the second class there was no room so i sat next to her her friend seemed annoyed so i was about to change but her friend left to other place , she didn't do all the moves she kept joking and laughing , i didn't look at her , but i like her i didn't like her in the first class bu she seemed intersting person wht does her behaviors mean is she friendly or annoyed or what?


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  • I could be wrong.
    She doesn't seem into you at all. If anything she is just tolerating you.


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