I don't want her to become a memory?

-Met a girl who was over on a gap year from France.
-She planned on staying for another year.
-I went out with her a few times,
-Plans to stay for another year collapsed.
-We stop seeing each other, but remain great and close friends.

She left 10 days ago.
The first week with her gone, has been hell.
I can't describe the pain. I've never felt like this.
In the last few days though, I feel like I've started to begin to get over her. I'm not 'over her' yet, but I think that process had begun.

I'm not going through all her social media, I'm not obsessing about staying in contact, I'm not listening to songs that remind me of her, etc, etc...

Yet I still miss her. I'm scared. Scared she's becoming a memory. Scared that I will get over her.

She's the most beautiful and perfect girl I've met, why would I want to get over her?

I suppose I don't want memories. I want moments. I want to see her. I don't want to forget her. I don't want my strong feelings towards her to become indifferent.
I want her to be the girl that I love, not the girl that I loved.
Not somebody I used to know.

Can anyone make sense of these emotions?


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  • Well, if you don't want it to be just a memory, you need to communicate that you miss her, keep in touch with her, show some interest, otherwise, it will become a memory, and she'll think that you have forgotten her.

    • She knows I miss her, I said that before she left.
      But yeah keeping in touch is proving difficult at the moment.

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