Sexual comments as a joke or does he like me?

We are not dating but I like him alot..
When we hang out (alone) he makes sexual comments to me..
For example...
We were in the grocery store and he slapped me with a pack of hotdogs when I asked what that was for he said I wanted to slap you with my wiener
The next night he made a comment about renting a hotel by the hour so we could have sex but then said he wants more than a hour
And he asked me what he thinks our parents reactions would be if they walked in on us fucking
He also jokingly texts me about fancy vibrators

He prob made more comments? I don't know if he is just joking around , if he just wants to have sex with me or If he likes me


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  • It means for sure that he finds you physically attractive and could easily see himself fucking you. But it doesn't mean he has feelings for you.


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  • I think he wants sex but what he is waiting for is you to bite on one of his comments so that he knows he has the green light. So far you probably haven't reacted in a way that makes him think it is a yes but you obviously haven't been telling him he is a perv either lol. Could be his way of flirting.

    If you want to find out what he wants, joke back at him with sexual innuendo a few times and see if he ups the ante by joking more about the topic in a sexual way. If he does then he thinks you are interested and that is likely what he wants (sex). If he doesn't return a volley with innuendo but just laughs and doesn't continue on the same vein, then he is just joking and likely does it with others too. In that case he just likes to bug you with it.

    But I am leaning towards the fact he wants sex with you (and probably likes you too).

    Why not tell him you really like him... see how he reacts then. You can always make him wait for sex and see if he is fine with it and still wants to be with you. :)

    • Thank you for taking your time to read and give me opinion !
      I've know him for 7 years & I know he doesn't make those comments to others. He also knows I lik him.. He said he likes me to but doesn't want a long distance thing (he is away for university - home for the summer)
      I just don't know If i can take the sexual tension anymore lol - i try to do it back but I'm bad at is ahh :$

    • Ahhh, so he senses you would maybe like to get sexually involved and thus he knows he can say this stuff and you are not offended. He is really comfortable around you then (good thing).

      Well the best thing I can say is make hay in the summer when he is around and then how can he resist wanting you all the rest of the time :) If you've known him this long then maybe when he graduates and is nearby again you can see if it works :)

      If you two are that close then he's gotta be thinking of you the rest of the time too ;)

  • What do yo want? He sounds like a loser.

  • He's just a jerk but too horny & fucken dumb.!


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