Is this a bad idea? Kinda got myself into a really crazy situation?

There's this guy who comes into my job once in awhile. He's really hot lol. He's also much older than me by like, 16 years. Im in my mid-20s. He's also a high ranking police officer :x and I smoke a lot of pot lmao. This guy is friends with one of the worker's son in a little specialty store. Well I've been a little too free spirited since I became single and when I found out he had a new 5 series BMW I really just wanted to play around lmao. And get him to let me drive his car. That is legitimately my favorite car. Well, anyway, last night I let him pick me up to take me for a ride in his car because I like it a lot. And we had a really nice night we connected and talked a lot.. but obviously fooled around some too.. he's really tied in with my job.. is this a bad idea?


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  • Yeah. Thats not a very good idea.
    Also stop smoking pot

    • You can keep smoking the pot, though get rid of the gestapo. This affair can have bad consequences for your job and you freedom of choice in the future. Do not tell anyone you ever consorted with the fuzz.

    • Yep and also stop smoking the pot.

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