Stuck in the friendzone and afraid of losing him?

im in love with a friend of mine. i told him that i don't wantt to be his friend anymore cause i have feelings for him. he said im a teenager and i dn't knw wht im feeling. so now im stuck withhim in the friendzone :( he treats me as his girlfriend but he said that im a friend wht should i do


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  • Try to push him a little more but not too far because u don't want to lose him completely, and if he still isn't interested be the second best thing and be his best friend but don't lose hops... In my personal experience I am totally in love with my best friend but I waited too long to admit it and she is now in a relationship with another man but I still love her just as much and we do everything together and I'd we truly meant to be we will be together some day and same goes for you. I hope this helps :)


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