I'm super confused and I don't know what to do?

Ok before anyone says anything I just wanna say please don't give me black and white answers like leave him and shit like that. We're not dating officially so that's pretty impossible I just want someone to help analyze me analayze and help make the situation better.

Ok so I been dating this guy for about a month giver or take and we went on a couple dates. We text quite abut not a lot but decently but when we hangout he just can't keep his hangs off of me. Like we basically have been just making out and watching movies but mostly just making out like he doesn't try to get in my pants he never asked and he makes sure I'm confrontable with things before we do them but like he doesn't seem to wanna hang out with me like with his friends or in a different scenery. I feel like he only wants to make out with me and then do his own thing with his friends.

Like maybe I'm not In a place were I should be worrying but I can't help it. He always says that I should open up more because he makes me really nervous so I'm supper shy around him but it's hard to open up when it seems like he only wanna touch me.

Do you think if I open up more he will wanna do more things? Do u think I'm over analyzing and I'm not in the place to be worrying about this? Or do you think he should be taking me to other places or want to take me to hang out with his friends or at least more ppl! What so you think? Like I think he really likes me he's really sweet and affectionate but I don't know if he knows I feel this way and I don't want to tell him directly I guess. He tried really hard to get me and he always calls me gorgeous but I don't know how serious he is about me or how serious he wants to get. Should I talk to him about it? And how can I do it in a less serious way? Thanks


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  • He does seem to have some interest in u otherwise he wouldn't be asking u to open up more. And may be ur shyness is the reason for him to not to get u involve u with his other friends. U can try to open a little bit and then u can observe if there is any change in his behaviour. U r not really giving him any chance. He might be thinking that u dont trust him or dont want to get into a relationship with him. Hard to tell. As u said there is no black and white answer to this, not yet.

    • You made some very good points here! Extremely helpful! Thanks

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