Strange male behavior explained. Don't get this guy at all?

This guy I haven't slept with or had anything serious with is acting weird. We've been friends for years and I know he has feelings for me. I have feelings for him but didn't do anything till now cause I was scared of him and the way he talked and acted. He would say things like, people who get married are stupid, I'm ne'er getting married. I am 29 and still a virgin cause I wanted my first to be serious but realistically speaking nothing is going to happen so I might as well slut around like the rest of humanity and have some fun. I chose him to have fun and told him that I wasn't interested in the least to marry him or have his kids. What happened was that he got pissed and he's been ignoring me for the last week. He was invited to my housewarming and eventhough he had been acting like an ass for a week he showed up and brought a present I asked of him. He chatted had fun and then when people decided to leave he tried to leave immediately without letting me hug him or kiss him. Nothing. Today I was at the practice range and he didn't even bother to say hello or anything. So now I'm confused he could have just not come to my party. He doesn't consider me just friends cause in the past he's acted all jealous and shit when other guys were flirting with me.


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  • Actually i don't think he jealous this time around. Sounds like he probly though you changed, and got upset. I think he likes you for the fact you the complete opposite in ways, when you said you didn't want kids he probly got upset because he thought you turned into like all the other girls. And for what ever reason he doesn't want that so he must care a lot. He sounds like a player , who only acts that way around his friends, or other people trying to impress them. Deep down he wants to be with you, whether or not he actually does believe in marriage telling him you wouldn't was like saying you don't want to be with him that way or long term. Probly thought you were toying with him. Best to fess up some of your feeling like you did before, he likes you for the way you acted with him for years He like you because your want things like kids, a family ect.


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  • @"and told him that I wasn't interested in the least to marry him or have his kids"

    I think this probably hurt his feelings. Even though he said he didn't want to get married, it still hurts if someone else you have feelings for says something like that to you... he wants to feel desired still. Yeah, it's not entirely rational. I think it is because he likes you but now that you don't seem interested in anything serious it probably hurts his feelings.

    I'd guess the reason he says he doesn't want to get married probably goes back to some unpleasant childhood memories of his own e. g. either his parents had a bad relationship or he had some other negative childhood experience and now he doesn't really know how to construct 'healthy' relationships with others. Deep down he probably does want nothing more than a healthy relationship i. e. to love and be loved as everyone wants that.

    But i'm just speculating. That would be my guess.


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