He shows all the sign's that make me believe he likes me?

The guy I like, we've kissed! but nothing has come out of it, and he show's all the signs of liking me like looking at me a lot and I catch him looking, He finds ways to get close to me, and stands unnecessarily close to me. But he's shy and told me that, but I would like a relationship with him after getting to know him better but people say that if a guy is truly interested he will make an effort, and he does but doesn't for instance when I got mad at him for ignoring my message for the 100th time he made an effort to apologise refusely and explain himself. He always ends up ignoring at least one of my messages when we talk but tells me its because he usually doesn't know what to say at some point. so confused? becoming real tired of it now?


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  • he likes you , if he really put effort in apologizing to you then he really cares about you and doesn't want to lose you , sometimes we are just too afraid of telling girls that we love them because if it goes wrong we dont want to lose them as friends too

    • I thought so too, great news

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    • were they like normal messages or question that he ignored either way he might have been busy , i hope for the best for you and him :)

    • thankyou, thats very sweet. I sure hope so

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