Is it a bad idea to pursue someone who wants to a rapper?

So I might like this guy but the problem is he an aspiring rapper and that turns me off. I know if I was his gf I would have to be supportive and I don't know how I would feel about that. The only difference between him and other wannabe rappers is that he has a day job lol, a degree, and is working on another degree. Im not sure if he plans on using the new degree he is studying for, but it sure makes sense to financially. by the way he is 29. He seems like a really good guy, and with all honesty I have the hots for him I think thats why I keep wondering what I could make of this but then again I never even talk to the guy so I don't know much about him.

I don't think im being judgmental im being cautious. He says major labels are "scouting" him but it's all in head.


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  • As long the guy has a steady job and shows
    interest in pursing a career i see no problem
    Make sure he treats you like a real lady and
    make sure he respects you all the way
    Make sure he is very kind, non-abusive,
    non- cheater, will be there for you when
    need him and least but not last make
    sure the guy truly loves you 100 %


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  • Show this list to anyone who aspires to be a rapper:
    6 Reasons Why You’ll Never Make it as a Rap Star

    *You have no talent.
    *You’re competing against millions of other rappers who are hungrier than you.
    *You don’t have the discipline to stick it out.
    *You don’t know a damn thing about the music industry.
    *You don’t have any money to invest in your career.
    * You don’t study the art of rap.

  • So you're already ruling out a guy that has a degree and is working on another one before ever talking to him because you see he is passionate about something other than what you prefer?

    Yep. Keep doing that. Great strategy

    • He isn't using the one he already has I forgot to mention that

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    • He has no talent I have heard the music ;( and he wants to move to Hollywood

    • Ohhh. Well that changes things... Yea sometimes you just need someone you actually value to tell you that you aren't that good. Well you could still date him. You don't have to marry him

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  • Being that he's still about his business, I don't see this being a potential problem. As long as it's not the only thing he's pursuing, you know?


  • Well talk to him first , you need more basis other than he want to be a rapper, he got looks you like, he seems to have a plan financially, probly ambitious with his dreams. Overall the rapping part can be over looked , that only one small detail , you just gotta figure out the rest.