Girls please help, how to tell of your crush likes you?

Hi, some girls act really weird around me and I wanted to know why some girls

Call me over to talk bit when I come over they say never mind and giggle with her friends

Say they hate me, but can't give a reason why

Are really shy around me alone

Are any of these signs that they have a crush on me?

Also girls, how do you act around your crush


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  • I had a huge crush on one guy at school, he was one year older. I act normal but somehow I was always around him, or he was around me I don't know but any time I said hi to him a had that face like I'm laughing inside of me and I can't controle it. So, his friends started teasing us both, either they found out or he said smth to them.. idk.. So, just see her facial expression and you'll know. If she always smile when she sees you, if she's shy around you also.. If her friends smile at you or giggle.. She'll make herself noticeable around you, or if she's shy a lot, you will catch her looking at you and when she's aware of that, she'll blush or smile and quickly look away..


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  • Well, let's see: first of all: the first two points sound like these girls try to make fun of you or just don't like you. Of course I can't speak for every girl but I don't go around telling people I like that I hate them. I would also defintily talk to them, if I got the chance, so if I would call my crush over, I would start a conversation.
    The thing about being shy can mean that they like you, but maybe they are just the shy type of girl or you seem really intimidating.
    It's usually a good sign if girls smile a lot at you or laugh at your jokes or play with their hair (although not all girls do that) and seem generally really happy to talk to you. I hope this is helpful.

    • True, I'm not an intimidating person, I'm quite friendly and try to be nice, to every one, but yeah it's possible for whatever reason

    • also just clarifying I meant shy around me even when there are other people around

  • I tell my brother i hate him all the time but it's just because he's really cool and i want to hang out with him more but then maybe he'll say something that disappoints me so i say I hate him but really i just want him to be closer to me i guess. I also tell my friends i hate this one guy so that they don't think i like him (that backfired by the way cause they told him and he believed them) and Maybe the being shy thing is a sign of the crush but the whole getting you to come over then saying never mind is weird, they could have a crush or they could just be mean.


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  • It's simple; you walk up to your crush and you ask them out. If they says yes, they you know they're interested and if they say no you know they're not.

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