What's up with me and older women?

I've messed with an absurd amount of women and the majority of them have always been at least 5 years older than me. The oldest being 16 years older than me. For some strange reason when it comes to messing with girls my age it just never pans out. The amount of women my age or younger that I've been successful with whether it be just having sex or being in a relationship can be counted on one hand where with older women I've literally lost count. And I'm definitely not mature for my age or mature in any sense of the word. Actually, I consider myself mentally to be 19 or 20 at best. So... yeah, what's up with that?


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  • Being a Siren is the main topic of most dating programs. In my opinion, basically it means to be a normal woman.

    Marketing in the US basically focuses on downgrading women to make them feel like the product being sold will make them better in some way. The only product I think would really help women, in this society, is a good psychologist to help them cope with the mental illnesses the media is creating. I'm not saying photoshop or marketing is bad. I'm a Graphic Designer. It's my job. I'm just saying the marketing tactics they're using are not good for the emotional health of consumers.

    Back to "Sirens". Sirens are emotionally strong. This strength helps them cast away their fears of being judged or hurt. Their strength allows them to be confident and open. They no longer need to hide behind lies, change people, and bottle up their feelings. Men feel safe around Sirens. They don't have to worry, because their Siren will support them and be honest with them. This support allows men to grow and become the man she deserves. The point is Sirens wholeheartedly love themselves and others.

    Why do you like older women?
    Older women have had time to explore who they are, and learn from their mistakes. Younger women may still be insecure or working out their insecurities.

    Personally, I think it's awesome if they meet half way through. Then they can appreciate how happy their relationship makes them, because they've struggled through that growing process together. But, guys probably don't want to deal with emotional, insecure girls even if they do show potential.

    • That is, when a girl becoming comfortable with herself and a guy meet. Not when a girls meet as they become comfortable with themselves. In that case they'd probably become best friends, unless they prefer girls of course.

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  • Oh please! Don't flatter yourself because a couple of older women were attracted to you! It's called attraction, regardless of age... pffft!

    • but it ONLY happens with older women

    • So, you've never ever been with a girl near your age? Yah... okay

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  • Like you, I've always been interested in older women. Even fantasized about them!

    • It's not that I'm particularly interested in them. it's more like I'm Cesar Milan and I can whisper to older women.