This girl I like is mad at me because she thought I ignored her for a month also she thinks that I think she is weird. Do u think she likes me too?

I met her on xbox in May. She is going to 7th and I'm gonna be a freshman my friends told me that she got suspended for stabbing people with thumbtacks and I couldn't get ahold or her for a month. then when I asked her if it was true yesterday she got upset because she thought I believed my friends. then I said no I didn't and all that. Then I was like "do u belive me?" She was like I believe that ur friends convinced u that I'm a weirdo. So I was like no I don't think ur weird, I think ur an amazing girl, but she just said she had to go and said so previously. So I know she cares about how I see her

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Yes that is me, the girl I like is white and me and my cousins were going a challenge to see who can get the most pics with girls and they are not fat other than the last one, this was before I started talking to the xbox girl again,(I'm not a player


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