Ever felt like your dating pointer was off?

As I've had bad experiences with the last 4 exes of mine, and I'm not blaming either party, but in general they were a littler crazier than I would want in a girl.

It seems that I just keep dating the "bad ones" per-say. A lot of my friends are now in long term relationships, or getting married. Then I look at myself, and even though they are lasting 6months-2 years. It just starts to end badly, because the girl is either psycho, or just has unbelievably high expectations from a guy. Understandable that the issue lies with me too, but I feel like I really know how to pick them (in the worse ways).

I've diverted away from the bar crowd, and the party girls in general. Trying to find a girl on either a dating website, random encounters out and about among the town, or even just trying to date girls from church. All of which, have ended badly, or just a complete failure.

Turning 26 this year. I've grown to want a more serious relationship than ever before, and just can't seem to find any decent girls to date. Not saying that they're not out there, but I myself just oddly choose the wrong ones.


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  • Hmmm what type of guy are you? How do you dress? Are you confident in yourself?

    What type of girls do you go after? Girls with nice outfits? Confidence? Etc.

    • I'm what you classify as a California guy towards look. Dress well, in shape (not hugely buff, but very well defined, and with abs), usually v-neck short sleeves, and jeans with nice shoes while out and about. Very kind, giving, straight forward, confident, have a high paying job, and teach Sunday school (if that says anything about myself). As for what I go after, I'm usually going after the classic "good girl". A girl to which likes to stay in on occasion, is adventurous, kind, giving, and must love dogs (as I have one). Their confidence must be at least somewhat decent, otherwise it's a turn off for me.

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    • It did, just decided to stop looking, and so far I've at least one girl to which doesn't seem as loose in the head.

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  • Instead of bad ones look for smart ones.

    • Where would you recommend to be a good place to find smart women. That would be an easy opportunity to speak to them?

    • college libraries, hospital libraries, museums... graduations

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