I Can't Decide!!!

I got to summer camp and this kid that my cousin knows has been all up on me, and when I mean all up on me, I mean he would squeeze my hand and wouldn't let go, unless I called him Big Daddy or he would sneak up behind me, grab both my wrist and pull me close to his chest and he would lean on my chest and today he held both my wrist and made me face him and asked me to kiss him and I said no... My friends say he has a crush on me and I noticed. Him and His friend both flirt with me, I could tell that his friend likes me also and they kept bothering me about my ex saying we should get back together (All three of them were on the basketball team) I wouldn't mind taking my ex back but, we're going to different High Schools, so there's no point... Now there is this other guy who clearly likes me, but won't go out with me because of rumors and now when I see him, he ignores me... but when we are all alone he would grab my hand and we'd walk and talk like a couple. I couldn't decide out of three people who to chose,
A- is the guy who was all over me
G-is the guy's friend, who also likes me
M- is the guy afraid of the rumors
I need advice, I want to know if I should start a relationship or just stay single and try to get ready for High School?
I would chose M, but I'm afraid of his flirting side :(

  • A- Funny /Athlete
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  • G- Funny/ Athlete, who can be very serious at times
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  • M- Shy Guy, who skates, but might be a flirt -_-
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  • Woah except for shy guy those guys are really forward and sound kinda controlling.. I wouldn't wanna date a guy who grabs my wrist and begs me to kiss them eleven if we were dating... I'm sorry but don't those guys sound kindof desperate to you? I'd go with shy guy he's the least creepy one xD


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