I feel like my bf only hangs out with me when there's nothing else to do?

I feel like lately my bf and a half is only hanging out with me when there's nothing else to do. He'll make plans days in advance with other friends but with me, he'll just call hours beifre he wants to do something. And I don't see him much anymore, the majority of his time is spent with other friends.

Would it be unreasonable if I asked him I wanted us to spend more quality time together? Not just the usual takeout in front of the tv, but doing things where we actually bond.

I don't want him to think I don't want him to do other things without me but I want him to appreciate me more you know?

What so you think?


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  • If you want to do more with him, tell him :) but be positive about it and don't put pressure on him by saying you want him to appreciate you more.


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