My mom won't let me grow up. How can I make her understand?

So I'm 31 years old and my boyfriend is 34. Him and his family are on disability. His parents are in their 60's and retired. He has Crohen's disease and his two brothers and sister just have learning disabilities.
So a friend of my sister's told me a rumor about his family that one of the brother's used to sell weed in the past (10 years ago) and got caught for it.
So now my mom and younger sister don't want me to be with my boyfriend anymore. They said, "If he asks you to marry him, say no?" Like WTF? It's like they want me to be unhappy and live my life alone? That was the past. He told me he doesn't do that stuff anymore. I used to do weed too all the time, even my mom does it with one of her friends once in awhile.
Me and my ex boyfriend used to smoke every weekend too without my mom knowing. But no, my sister's friend had to blurt it out and say bad stuff about the family. Yet my best friends are very supportive and they say I should follow my heart and be with the person I love, that it's my life and I should live it the way I want to and I should.
It's like breaking my heart that my family thinks this way.
I know I've only been with him for a month and I only get to see him only once a week because he works in retail (going to school for child care) and I'm taking care of my great aunt 24/7, unless someone can take her for awhile and give me a break.

Should I tell him of what my family is saying? My mom met him a few times before and she said he's very nice. But ever since last Saturday, she's just been yelling at me either in person or over the phone.


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  • Your family should let you grow up and be with who want be with
    i would date a girl who smokes weed as long as she didn't do near me
    your age 31 you need to find love sometime and be happy your more
    than legal age, as long as your boyfriend isn't involved in illegal drugs
    if he got some type of income and he can show he really loves you to bits
    you should be able to make your own decisions , i don't know why people
    make a big issue out of marijuana , i never smoked it but it's legal in almost
    every state for medical reasons

    • Yep and I just heard on the news right now that they're making it legal in NY, but not to smoke and only for people with very serious diseases.
      That friend that said that about my boyfriend's family, I wonder what she knows her husband has done in his past because I sure do know what happened.

    • Wow yea i agree i think you should be able to date who ever
      i mean your age 31 hell these people are something

    • Thank you for Most Helpful:) xD

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