Can somebody tell me if I'm doing something wrong or am I just not meeting the right age or type of girls?

Not to be sounding like I'm bragging on myself, cause I don't at all I can't stand people that do, but I am a really amazing guy. It's just seems that I just don't have any luck when it comes to girls. I'm 23 and everybody says I'm very mature for my age. Every time I go to go out with a girl they always break it off with me or I get just turned down easily. This girl I was just talking to just broke it off with me out of no where. She told people in her family and her friends how much she liked me and everything. And I treated her so great! She said she dated a guy for 4 1/2 years and when they went out she always drove and she always paid for everything and said he was just a complete asshole. So, the amazing guy I am, I showed her how a girl should be treated and I took her on an amazing first date. I surprised her by setting up a candle lit dinner on top of a hill where I had a dozen roses waiting for her as well. I always paid for everything like a guy should in my opinion. And just treated her like a queen. We spent the whole memorial day weekend on the lake with my family. Then a day later after I took her home she broke it off with me saying we were rushing into something good too quickly than she was comfortable with. And if I remember correctly I think she said she didn't know what she wanted anymore, and when we first started talking she said she wanted a great, nice guy. And I've been nice to her texting her a couple time just checking on her and we will text like 5 or 6 times and she'll just stop texting me, but then she text me on day and we talked a lot and she was saying stuff about us doing stuff together. But I haven't heard from her in two weeks since she said that and I just feel like she is using me or playing games with me and it's just made me mad pretty much. I feel like I just need to leave her alone. Do you agree? And do I not need to be my nice gentleman self to get a girl these days or what do I need to do?


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  • Your not doing anything wrong. You seem like a great guy and what many girls do want in a relationship. Maybe it just the girls that your picking just can't commit to you. I don't know why not tho. Since there not many guys like you at all these days or there really hard to find. I wouldn't give up. I don't know much maybe they like being treated like crap which is stupid to me. Or maybe they just dont see how lucky they are. Maybe their all about looks I don't know it hard to tell what going on in the girls head. Maybe she not over her ex and she doesn't wanna hurt you because your a great guy. But I wouldn't change your self at all there are girls that will commit to you and would love to have you. And feel the same way as you do but with guys. It just taking longer for you and the right girl to meet.


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  • When a guy takes a girl on the first or second date to something super expensive or extravagant, the girl might be left thinking "What does he expect in return from me?" The reason is because he's made it too much about an exchange ("I'll give you all this stuff if you keep going out with me"), rather than just enjoying each other's company and being able to decide to continue seeing someone based on that. She could end up worrying that you'll demand sex one day and use all the things you gave her as a reason she has to give it to you. That doesn't mean that's how you feel or that it's something you'd do but she might worry about that.

    My idea of a good first date is an hour or so over coffee to test compatibility. It's cheap and intimate, and doesn't put any pressure on anyone.