How to start conversations with girls?

I'm 16 and I do not know how to talk to girls. How do I start conversations? A lot of people say just be yourself but it doesn't help. Like how do I respond to her. It's so frustrating. I never really had a convo with a girl. I really need so examples. Please Help


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  • I know just what you are going through (but opposite of course... haha).
    I recently learned the trick. It's scary as heck, but it's so stupidly simple.
    You just do it. I thought I could never just go up and talk to a guy, and when people would say "Just go TALK to him!" I would do anything to avoid it.
    To be honest, I still need coaxing, but I am less afraid, now that I've done it a few times.
    Here's what struck the epiphany.

    At my college, there is a psychology class that is always doing social experiments. One time, this guy came and just sat by me and started moving my things and looking though my books. (that was weird... haha) and another time, these 2 people just stared at me from across the room for like 10 minutes...
    The time I am talking about, this guy came up to me and just sat down and introduced himself. For the next 5-10 minutes, he just asked me about myself and what I'm into and told me a little bit (not much) about himself. He never looked bored or uncomfortable, and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. Since it was not necessarily normal behavior, I figured it must be another social experiment, so I just played along, but it surprised me how okay with it I was. It was a little uncomfortable to have a stranger talking to me, but mostly I was wondering if we actually could get to know one another.

    Long story short, if you just go up to someone and talk to them like a normal human being, they are very likely to respond in a positive way, and if they don't then they aren't worth your time. I would go out with a guy who came up and started talking to me far before a guy who just waited for me to make the first move.


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  • If you're interested in a girl, just ask her questions about herself, and pay her compliments. Also - just say whatever comes to mind, and try to make her laugh.


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  • Just try not to view her as a girl, but as a PERSON, one whom you can interact in conversation with, and start with a simple hello, a simple, CONFIDENT, hello. Not too confident though, be careful on that. Works every time.

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