I can't seem to get a girlfriend?

Well I don't really know why, I don't think I'm ugly... I'm not a jerk to anyone by any means, I'm pretty sure I'm a nice person😂😂 just no one likes me really and I don't know why 😕


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  • Everyone has their own excuses. 18 and under, in school, my excuse was that I couldn't get a girlfriend because they were all taken... and taken they were... sigh!


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  • I was the same way... When I turned 14 was when I got my first girlfriend and it was my friends ex. We are still dating and I'm 16 and we have a kid. When the time comes... you will know who the 1 is... I promise

    • How old is your girlfriend if you don't mind me asking? Me personally I am 21 and think I'm too young for a kid... but if you guys are in love and think you can make it as a couple and as parents good for you.

    • She is 16 also. But, 21 you should have a girlfriend by now. Go to different places and talk to ppl. I was shy until I grew a pair and asked my girlfriend now if she wanted to go out sometime and she said yes

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