Is it wrong to date multiple man at once?

So I been dating a guy for awhile he Saids he really likes me to the point of almost love but he doesn't want to label what we have. Other guys keep asking me out and I tell them no since I am dating someone but since he doesn't want to make the next step makes me wonder if I should explore other options and date other guys that keep asking me out or just stick to him and maybe he will change his mind and actually want to label want we have if we just dating or am I actually his gf.


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  • I would say it's wrong unless things are very casual. If he said "he really likes me to the point of almost love but he doesn't want to label what we have," then it doesn't sound casual, at least not to the point where it would be okay to date others. This is the case or he's playing you. Try to push the relationship forward if that's what you want or slow things way down to the point where you can safely date other guys. If you push it, he will either commit or back out and you will have your answer. If you don't want to risk him leaving the relationship, try to advance it at a slow to modest pace.


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  • Commit to one potential bf and ride that out. If u don't like how that's going, end it then look for another. Dating two guys will only make u look bad. And you'll hurt someone. That's what happened to me

  • dont cheat, either split up with the first guy. or avoid the second

    • How can it be consider cheating if we aren't an official couple ,

    • Then you may just want to pick one and go with it, don't string guys along for the F***k of it.

    • That's The last thing I want to do. I don't want to hurt no ones feeling. I guess my biggest concern is if he is around other women that's why he doesn't want to label want we have

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