Is this a good text message after no response from a girl I like more than any other?

'Hi... just thought I'd let you know I'm seeing another girl tonight because it feels right to be honest and I've been waiting over a week to hear from you - you're messing me about/ stringing me along.'

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Hi Angelsoldier... we chatted (text) really well... she seemed to laugh etc... she told me she's busy for 2 weeks (she works during evenings) and that 'hypothetically' we could meet after that. From a guy's point of view this is just SO long...


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  • It's wrong to just be so brutal. Tell her firstly that you feel strung along since you haven't heard from her in a while, let her know how you feel about being ignored/ strung along and just gently let her know you're going out for an evening with another girl since you haven't heard from her and you cannot wait forever for something that might or might not happen

    • Thanks... Oh, ok, use the word 'feel' more then? 'I feel kind of strung along and have decided to go out this evening with another girl, because I haven't heard from you and I can't wait forever for something that probably will never happen.' Better?

    • Yes!! Better!! Hope it all went well?

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