Should I continue or not? I'm not to sure if he just likes to take it slow or is a shy guy but uhhh what should I do?

I've know this guy for a little over a year through mutual friends. About 2 months ago he asked me for my number since that day. Everyday we talk. Sometimes it pointless conversations but we still talk from morning until night.

Now here's the kicker. Every time I had asked him to hang out he's had a "reason" as to why we couldn't. Until recently but he really insisted on out friends hanging out with is too. So they did and it was fun he was kind of distant but at the end of the night kissed me. Still text me but sometimes it seems like he's being a little standoffish.

I'm getting mixed signals.

I'm confused?

I don't want to be disrespected by why would he be distant toward me?
And I would just ask him but I really don't want to scare him away


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  • He is trying to respect you... Tell him you want to be disrespected...

    • Metaphorically of course. not literally... He needs the push...

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  • Ask him. Tell him how you feel, that you like him.