Anyone Else Wondering about first love?

Hi, first off I am a 15 year old guy! Who has not yet had his first kiss or first love yet!

But I'm asking this question because has anyone else just wondered who their first love might be? Me personally I have no idea who could ever be my first love not a single person I know even comes to mind! It is actually kinda exciting thinking about it because I just really have absolutely no idea who it could be!

So anyways has anyone else actually thought about this?


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  • Im 15 too, and you shouldn't dwell on the thought of having your first love it will happen when it happens. And when you get a girlfriend dont jump to saying "i love you" right away because you want a first love, i have talked about it with my boyfriend and we both agreed to not say it until we truley feel it. But just relax your first love will come when its the right time. I hope i helped some:)

    • Thank you for your kind answer and your right it will come when it comes and for now I think I just need to focus on my self! :)

    • you're welcome:) And i think thats the right thing to do, happy to help^-^

  • I think you're too young to worry about this. It will happen eventually. For now enjoy the carefree life.


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