Guys, should I go ahead and ask him to hang out?

If I haven't heard from a guy for about 2 weeks mind you we have been seeing each other for about 3 months now and when he finally contacts me i'm just cold to him which then makes him blow up my phone and contact me like crazy.

Should i contact him and say lets hang out or make him wait a bit? Guys what would you want your girl to do in this situation?


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  • If you like him I say yes. If you you're cold because you dont want to be with him thats one reason. However, if you're doing it to get back at him for not contacting you for two weeks I would say you shouldn't do that and that. Something could've came up for him not contacting you you said you dated for 3 months how did that go for you? If you would like that to continue I say say go ahead. Just communicate, talk to him ask him how his been and why he didn't call you for those two weeks... he shouldn't blow up on you about that.

    • Good point. He went on vacation for 1 week then his grandma died the next week but no contact at all. He could of at least said hey going up north or just thinking about you. I was cold to him because i was getting back at him for totally blowing me off that's rude. For 3 months of us dating it has it ups and downs but i really care about him a lot and want him to put in the same effort not just when he thinks he is going to lose me starting stepping up his game

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    • Well I think there's obviously something there thats bothering him. Or why he's so closed off. But you are right whenever you start acting cold he probably does think he's going to loose you. I know this could be frustrating for you and it sucks. I never like talking about my emotions, I'd rather concentrate on how she's feeling or what she wants. Have you asked him what he wants? Have you asked him about his past... was he close with his grandma... was there a past relationship that went wrong? Is he competitive? sometimes competitive people treat relationships that way he doesn't want to open up to you and end up getting hurt. When you start acting cold does it bother you that he starts blowing up your phone? I would explain that to him, you can tell him that you dont want to get hurt and you're not going to hurt him and want so see where your relationship can go.

    • I don't know if he was close to his grandma he never talked about her. We are both super competitive and he does say he was really hurt in past relationships but is looking for a relationship but still sees other women too. It does bother me that he blows up my phone when he thinks he is losing me and I don't want to lose him so I give in an stop being cold to him but this is the first time I really went cold on him and not contact him in days because I want him to put more effort into this an realize we are in it together.. I was in fast gear trying everything to become more but that seems to make him more distant. We always seem to come back together and start where we left off I'm falling in love with him and he has told me he loved me but why go on other dates with women then?

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  • okay if you want to actually hang out with him and spend quality time with him then don't make him wait cause most likely when you make him wait and then you finally say lets hangout he might be annoyed and pissed off and go cold on you. just do it.

  • Do you want someone who contacts you like crazy let's assume you both have become boyfriend-girlfriend for not quite a long time? Not possible, right? You don't want to hang out with someone who's obsessive all the time.
    Should you contact him? It comes to the matter whether you're interested in this guy much beforehand. If it's, suggest inviting him out.


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