Why didn't he break up with me?

About 8 months ago i got blackout drunk and cheated on my b, f when i told him he cried and so did i. I vowed to never let it happen again and I've stayed true to that. Now i have some conserns there was no trust issues after this it was like it never happened and i dont know why he forgave me so easily. am i reading into this too much because i thought it would be more complicated. But it makes me wonder if he did this maybe to down play any of his discrepencys that i dont know about. Help me out am i crazy or dose this seem odd?


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  • That would be my guess-- he's thinking 'those who live in glass houses...'


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  • maybe he truly realizes that you're such a catch and he seriously doesn't want to risk anything to lose you so he is happy enough to slide this under the rug and remain being with you. 1 possibility:P

  • This can be just fine, some people are more forgiving about these things and sounds like you really didn't mean for it to happen. Full disclosure and empathy can help the negative feelings away. Sounds like you did an excellent job of this.

    Two things though, if you end up in a fight it may come out, and he might be leaving subtle hints that you haven't picked up on.

    Hope that helps some

    • I dont fight with him much at all i mean we disagree of corse but its never a screaming match but ill still pay close attention. Thanks

    • Sounds like you have something pretty special. I imagine you two communicate very well with each other too

    • Were a layed back kinda couple and yeah we talk but not as much as i wish he would but i understand some guys just dont want to talk feelings and he's one of them.

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