What is the Best way to meet guys?

Okay. I had one bf for a really long time, and he recently dumped me. I have almost no experience actually dating. So what's the best way to get back In the game and meet someone. I'm 18 so clubs and bars are a no go. Any suggestions. I'm definitely not shy and I'm not unapproachable by any means (other than a slight case of resting bitch face haha). Thanks:)


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  • are you located in the US?

    • Yes. The midwest

    • damn another Midwestern:P not that its bad but im in SoCal so its hard to recommend places haha. well you can try the city area for starters and just go to enjoy yourself and surely you will get noticed. if not then you can try some free online dating websites to see whats on the menu in your local area.

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