Boyfriend did not say happy birthday?

So yesterday it was my birthday, and I knew my boyfriend has something big happening to him and that he may be busy all day, so all I was expecting was a happy birthday message through facebook, nothing else, but I did not even get that. Should I be mad at him?


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  • first of all happy late birthday:D okay well I can see how something as simple as sending a quick bday message isn't difficult but maybe he was just in that situation and so distracted that he just couldn't or forgot. talk to him first before you want to be mad with him.


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  • How long has he been your boyfriend? If you've only been going out a couple weeks or something maybe give him a break, but if it's been like two years you should say something about it. You don't want to just hold onto this and let resentment build, give him a chance to apologize and make it up to you.

  • that fucking bastard, he doesn't deserve you if he treats you that way


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