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My girlfriend & I have been together for almost two months & I see her about twice a week, we are both 18 btw. The thing is she's kinda shy but we do kiss. I like her so i wanna get sexually closer to her but its hard because i don't know how to tell if she's shy or doesn't want it. Not necessarily sex but at least touches & stuff. How do i know when to make a move? Please help & no idiot comments, thank you :)


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  • Why not just ask. If she's shy she won't like the slightly aggressive approach and will get scared. But if you ask and tell her how you feel then she will be able to understand you more. She'll suggest things herself if you giver her the chance once she knows how you feel. Also always take into account how she feels, don't make her feel like she being pressured, that she has to do intimate things to make you happy. That will start her panicking and worrying and that is never good.

    I wish you luck and remember Comm-uni-ca-tion.


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  • Make your move !
    be nice and gentle, she is just shy.. It doesn't mean she doesn't want it :p
    If she gonna be not okay with it.. she gonna tell u.. or push u... or resist.. and it's okay.. :p
    try so that u guys get to the next level.. n talk to her ! let her know how u feel about it.. what you want.. and ask her what she wants, what she needs :) (y)

  • Try kissing her neck or rubbing her legs/ inner thigh. That's how I know my man wants me.

  • When you kiss just get a bit more passionate. Grab her arms and put your hands through her hair. Pull her closer to you maybe


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